Red Oak Board Bow
I built this bow from a $5 red oak board that I bought from Lowe's.  The board was 1"X2"X6' which is actually 3/4"X1 3/4"X6'.  I cut the board
to 68" and measured 3 feet in the middle.  This middle section I left full width.  I then measured and marked a 1/2" section on the ends of the
board for my tip width.  I connected the marks to create a constant taper from the middle section to the tips and then cut off the waste pieces. I
then cut what are know as "pin nocks" into the tips for the string.  I then gradually removed wood from the belly (the side toward the archer when
shooting the bow) until the limbs were bending evenly and smoothly at my draw length of 28".  I ended up with a bow that pulls 43 pounds at 28".  
The handle has a short shaped piece of red oak glued on and an arrow rest made of several layers of leather superglued together and shaped.  I
covered it with leather and added rabbit fur to the ends of the handle and a horse hair tassel to the upper limb tip.  I have been shooting it now
since about 2005.