Red Oak "Hybrid" Bow
This is the second bow that I finished.  It is a red oak hybrid
deflex/reflex bow.  It was sawn as two laminations and glued back
together over a form to get the desired shape.  It is backed with two
layers of drywall tape bedded in white glue.  I then covered the tape
with cloth from Wally World.    The bow was 68" nock to nock and
pulled 50 pounds at 28" of draw.
Putting the cloth backing on the bow.  Lots of
clamps to hold the cloth down while the glue
This is the first arrow from the bow.  It was
shot at about halfdraw from 10 yards before
the bow was finished.  I hope it is a good
Oops!!  I guess not!!  Oh, well, It was a test bow anyway.

The bow lasted for about 50 shots.  At about the 40 shot mark I heard a "tic" just as
I reached full draw.  Several shots later I could see a small crack building along the
limb that you can see broken in the photo.  I then filled the crack with epoxy and
wrapped the limb with nylon cord.  I wrapped the other limb to match for
After the epoxy dried I continued to shoot the bow until it failed.  It failed just as I
reached full draw and exploded.  The design for the bow is a good one but I made
this bow about 4" too short.  It caused too much strain on the wood.
Here it is at full draw shortly after
finishing but before the trouble started.