Patrol Squadron Nineteen
VP-19 Big Red
NAS Moffet Field, CA
During my career I was stationed at several Naval Air Stations on both coasts.  I
was first stationed at NAS Moffet Field near San Jose, California.  This base
allowed us to cover nearly all of the Eastern Pacific Ocean in our search for
Russian submarines during the Cold War Era.  I attended the Aircrew Candidate
School there before transferring across the runways to VP-19 "Big Red"  I flew as
a Sensor II Operator until I was moved to the Sensor I position on board the
veneral Lockheed P-3C(U) Orion.  I was stationed at Big Red for 7 years and
made deployements to Misawa Japan (2), Kadena Okinwa (2), Diego Garcia (1),
and Adak, AK (2) from here.
NAS Moffet Field, CA
Photo by AW3 William "Boz" Boswell
1978 - 1985
Besides being a prime area for ASW, it was also central to many attractions in and around the San
Francisco/Oakland area.  Snow skiing, waterskiing, the Pacific Ocean, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
redwood forests, the wine country of Napa Valley, and the cultural center of San Francisco all
within several hours drive. If you couldn't find something to do then you were not trying.
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