My latest and, so far, best bow.  It is a tri-lam deflex/reflex bow.  The back lam is raw
bamboo, the mid lam is Ipe, aka Brazilian Walnut, and the belly lam is vertical grain
compressed bamboo flooring.  The handle is Walnut and Maple and it has cocobolo
Dymondwood tip overlays.  It is pulls #52@28".
I used it on a hunting trip in Sept/Oct 2005.  I did not get anything with it but I did miss
two shots on a deer.  My fault, not the bows.  It was pretty cool anyway since that was
the first time I had ever drawn a bow, let alone released an arrow, at live game.  Since
then I have killed a white-tail doe and a bull elk with it.
View of the handle area
Tip overlay and hand twisted string
Tri-Lam Hybrid "BIB" Bow
A "Hybrid" bow is a bow that is not straight, like a long bow
but the string doesn't touch the limbs like a recurve bow.