Elk Camp 2005
elk country
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In Sept of 2005 I went out west to Idaho to hunt elk and deer with my brother.  My brothers
buddy Wes also went with us.  Things were going pretty well until my bows did not show up at
the same airport I did.  Luckily they showed up and were delivered to my mom's house the next
Donnie, his dog, and I drove up to camp where Wes was already hunting.  That dog wanted to
lean against me the entire trip up to camp.  I am NOT a dog fan.Any way.....
We set up our tent and looked over our gear.  Everything was ready to go for me.  Wes and I
got in a little bit of hunting before dark.  That night I froze my ass off it got so cold.  Toward
morning I was awakened by a very strange noise that I couldn't identify.  It sounded like it was
outside the sleep tent by the cook tent.  I called quietly for Donnie several times and the noise
quit.  The next morning I heard the same noise again!!!  I was beginning to think we had a bear
in camp licking the grill or something.  This time I lifted up to call to Donnie again when I saw
his dog on his cot licking himself.  When the dog looked up at me the noised stopped.  So much
for the bear theory!!!
No animals were killed on the trip although I did get two shots at a deer and one shot at a
grouse.  That cost me two broken arrows and one lost arrow.  All of this inspired me to write
"an Ode to Elk Camp"  Click on the link to read the poem.